Six Months of Aubrey

Continuing on in the catch up the blog game… this girl turned HALF A YEAR a few weeks ago. We are closer to one than none and I’m missing my snuggly tiny string bean but loving this chubby smiley girl she’s turning into. I’m trying so hard to keep her little. Like spending my evenings letting her fall asleep in my arms and trying to keep her in Sunday morning church services. 

Our biggest news is that this girl is on the verge of crawling. I was honestly pretty sure she’d already be crawling since she was so early to the sitting up game, but we’re just now getting on our hands and knees and rocking! Daddy is gone for about a month right now and we’re betting that she’s going to have it down before he gets back. For now, she’s army crawling everywhere she wants to go, with big bro and sis jumping up and down cheering her on. She showed off her new skills to my dad a little bit ago on Facetime and was so proud of her little self! Oh, and he started calling her AJ. I kinda like it, and I have a feeling that nickname might stick! 

Speaking of Daddy leaving for a month, this girl went through a rough sleep patch not too long ago. I was a little nervous for the solo mom gig for awhile because we were up with her at least every hour with her for about a month and a half. Y’all, that four month sleep regression is every bit as bad as they make it sound. We never experienced it, but now we have, and all future Martin babies can just feel free to go ahead and skip that milestone, please and thank you. But, seemingly overnight she grew out of that phase and she’s back to sleeping through the night like it never happened. I never felt so rested after four uninterrupted hours of sleep. Right now bedtime is about 7:30pm, and generally I wake her up for daycare about 5:00am. If not, she’ll generally sleep about 12 hours on her own! Back sleeping is a thing of the three month past, because she’s been a belly sleeper ever since she could roll. 

Aubrey has to be the most loved baby in this family, mostly because she has the most people loving her. Mitchell and Julia have never shown a single ounce of jealousy of her, probably because they keep themselves preoccupied bickering with each other, ha! I regularly use time with Aubrey as a bribe (is reward a better word??? but it’s definitely bribing) to get the big kids to do something I want. She has a way of snapping them right out of any funk they get in. Some days every five minutes, because threenagers. 

Julia is convinced that every one of her baby pictures in the house is Baby Aubrey, and I’ll admit, Aubrey looks quite a bit like her big sis just two years ago. How do twin mommas keep track of who is who in baby pictures?? The one good thing about moving every few years in the military is that I’ll know which baby is which in all my pictures based on which house we’re in, ha! The bets are out on whether this girl is going to have curly hair like her big sis, we’ll see. I don’t think I’ve ever loved red hair or blue eyes as much as I do now. I know I’m biased, but boy is this baby cute!

Aubrey literally thrives wherever she goes. She’s right in the developmental middle of her daycare classroom, and it’s so fun walking in everyday and see her playing away and smiling. She sits up like a champ, and I crack up every time I see her so carefully tip herself over to get on her belly. 

Steve and I went on an incredibly lucky kidless afternoon date a few weeks ago. Granted, we went to the carwash, Target, and grocery shopping, but that’s what needed done and we didn’t really care where we were. Aubrey was in need of some onesies and leggings because Julia’s leftover pile wasn’t quite making through my week long laundry turn around time. I found her the cutest little puppy t-shirt, and daddy picked up a bunch of new leggings!

I really don’t remember what it was like to be a mom of two. It seems like a lifetime ago and this trio of kids is too perfect together. She is the best little puzzle piece to our growing family and I just want to snuggle her up all the time. Even though we’re hitting the I’m-too-cool-to-snuggle, just-let-me-play stage. 

Now that she’s sleeping through the night again, dare I say that I’m kind of happy when she gets up (just once!) for a midnight snack. With a full work schedule and all our fall activities, I rarely get to just sit and nurse her. Right now she’s eating all kinds of baby foods, and we’re supplementing about half formula, because girlfriend eats more than I can give her. But, she’s happy and oh-so-healthy. She hasn’t had her six month appointment (I’m just calling it a win that it’s scheduled), but she did get her six month shots and flu shot already – and took them like a champ! Six month stats coming soon but we’re doing anything but worrying about weight gain – that little belly of hers is just the cutest! 

There you have it! I finally have Aubrey’s six month post done before I get too caught up in month seven to remember! 

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