Life Lately

The last month or so has been a liiiitle crazy. I’m over here trying to get my grips on our schedule and housework, but I’m swimming upstream right now. But, we’re all happy, healthy, and almost together in, so there’s something to say for that. If y’all know anything about me, it’s that I love pictures, particularly of my kiddos. But I’m over here working with a cracked iPhone 4 (not a typo, in the process of switching carriers and not quickly enough!) and a Canon Mark III on the fritz (add shipping to Canon and going to post office to my to do list), all my high speed memory cards broken (reeeeally need to order some more!) and it’s driving me crazy! Every time I see a picture worthy moment and I know my phone can’t handle it or my camera is letting me down, it kills me! These kiddos are growing so darn fast!
Steve left us a few months ago for some training on the west coast, and this about sums up my parenting since he’s been gone. Walking into the playroom and finding Julia watching TV on the toy cabinet.
This girl is growing like a weed. She’s CRAWLING. But I’ll save all those fun details for her seven month post and leave you with these baby blues.
My insanely beautiful friend – inside and out! – became a momma of three precious babies last week! I was so excited to take his first few portraits and get some tiny baby snuggles in.
The one thing that is a staple in our week is church on Sunday morning. We’re actually a lot more punctual when Steve is not there (sorry, but it’s the truth, babe). And we’re almost always mostly put together. Like Julia having water spilled down the front of her romper, or this morning when I realized Mitchell’s shorts were on backwards as he got out of the car.
Snapped this pic of these cuties before we said our goodbyes this go-round. I love how he loves these babies of ours.
This girl always has us laughing – she’s too smart for her own good.
Me to my mom: I got you some coke. Julia: I like coke! Me: You do? (Child that has never had soda). Julia: Coconuts!
“Julia, I told you to stay out of the pantry.” “Mitchell got it for me.”
Can’t make this stuff up. 
Facetime is such a blessing when he is gone, but finding ourselves on the same schedules and both having service makes it hard to do this as much as we’d like!
Julia apparently thought her princess book was a good pillow one day.
We’re amping up for fall only in slight denial that summer is over and the pool is closed. I struck Halloween gold when I found a red and pink ranger at Walmart – Mitchell and Julia’s favorite right now! Their little friend decided to be the blue ranger, so we have half a power ranger squad now!
I’m so ready for fall and so not at the same time. Daddy coming home in just a few weeks, flannels and pumpkins, trick-or-treating, Chicago Fire back on tv!!, family time, ice skating, Fuller House Season 3 when I find a few spare minutes, and so many fun things to look forward to. Well, back to real life. I just peeled Julia’s third banana, which is sign that it is probably time to fix them dinner. All bananas peeled without accidentally breaking, I might add, which wouldn’t ordinarily be something to brag about unless you see the inconsolable meltdown that ensues any broken bananas in this house. Parenting toddlers, gotta love it. Full speed ahead to fall!

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