New Lifegroup Season

Fall time means a whole bunch of things are starting back up… including life group! One of my very favorite things is the group of girls that I get to meet with every week and talk about life and Jesus and everything in between. With the insanity of the last few years (babies, Marine Corps, life, deployments, etc.), this group is a huge source of support. I’m talking – I got called into work at two in the morning and someone wakes up to come watch the kids kind of support. Convincing me to run a 10K without training last weekend and picking up my packet for me and leaving it on my porch so I have no choice, ha! Supporting each other with meals, prayer, park dates, and so many other ways. I love this little group of ours so much, I tell ya! I am so inspired by so many of them – two of them are running the Marine Corps Marathon today if that gives you a glimpse of how awesome these ladies are. 

So, Sunday afternoons, my house looks like this, and by evening, it’s full of people and conversation and kids and laughter and snacks and sometimes a few tears. I love these girls and I am so grateful for them. And boy, have they given me more than I ever could give them by simply opening my door. 

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