Weekend Wrap-up

We started out the weekend strong. Ended work on a high note, only to remember I ordered groceries as we were leaving daycare pick up – meaning a solid 20 minute trek to the store and 20 minutes back. But hey, we have a full fridge! Also completely forgot Friday night was Mitchell’s school’s fall festival (please don’t remind him he missed it) and Serve Fest at our church for all the church volunteers. Two super fun, kid-friendly activities, and we got home at 8 from the grocery store and sat on the couch instead. Oh, well. But relaxation is what this weekend has been all about, and it’s been perfect! 

Saturday morning, I slept until Aubrey woke at 6:40 (amazing, I tell ya, when the alarm usually sounds at 4am sharp). Mitchell and Julia showed up in my bed a few minutes after that. Julia kicked me out of bed just to go back to sleep in my spot. Crazy kid. This is the same girl that was playing with a new friend at the park later that afternoon who told Julia, “I love Elsa!” To which my child responded, “No, I love Elsa. You love Anna. Let it goooooo!” What do you even say to that? She’s a bossy little thing! 

We were dressed and this solo snack mom was off completely outnumbered to Mitchell’s soccer game! I’ll just cut right to the good part and tell you he scored a goal! And he was so darn proud of himself! 

After soccer, we were straight to swim lessons. Only a few more months until Julia can join in with Mitchell, and I just know she is going to love it!

We made it home and the day was full of a whole lot of puttering around the house getting ready for daddy to come home! I mowed the neglected grass, we cleaned in the garage, vacuumed cars, rode bikes, played fetch, ate pizza, watched Toy Story, and had an all around relaxing and productive day and spent barely any daylight hours inside. And it was great. 

We wrapped up the day with a long Facetime chat with Daddy and a haircut for Mitchell. I may have forgotten all our Friday night activities, but I’m determined not to forget and let him go with shaggy hair to his very first picture day on Tuesday! Sunday morning was pretty typical for us we were up and ready to go for church in time to snap a few pics! 

Church was one of those extra fun mornings because I got to photograph the baptisms! I get to be a part of the church’s photography team, and y’all, I have so much fun getting to serve by doing something I truly love! 

I’m not really sure what happened to Sunday afternoon. I kicked the kids out of the house (literally) so I could get these floors mopped, which was about three weeks overdue. So. many. muddy. paw prints! The kiddos happily played in the mud and on the swings in the backyard for about two and a half hours. I cleaned away with the fresh fall air and their little laughs coming through the open windows. Lifegroup on Sundays gives me a kick in the rear I need to start the week with a clean house! We were a little short on people tonight, because so many people are off doing fun things (like two of us running the Marine Corps marathon!), but this group just keeps giving me the best nights of fellowship with some incredible girls. 

By the time I told them the floor were clean and they could come in for baths, they were filthy… 

…and Julia was exhausted. Bath, pajamas, dinner, and a prompt nap on the couch. 

We wrapped up the night with some letter practice and getting really excited that Daddy will be home in TWO days! Luckily, I’ve got some amazing friends here to help me juggle these kids and work until then. 

And the best part? The hubby used the “L” word today. LEAVE. So feel free to cross your fingers along with us that he gets a few much-deserved days off and we get some extra time to love up on him! 🙂 

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