Time for Your Check-Up!

Just for the sake of remembering this little gal’s baby stats and all the fun that going to the doctor with three kids four and under is, I’m here with a quick post this morning! Last week I trekked to the doctor with all three – by choice. I technically could have taken the other two to school beforehand, but what fun would that be? Besides, Julia had this infected toe thing going on that I wanted checked (I’m sure you just needed to know that), so I opted for doctor, then daycare, since they were all on their best behavior that day! 

I was admittedly a few weeks late with her six month check-up, because appointments were few and far between by the time I got around to booking, so I opted to go ahead and get their shots a few weeks earlier. As much of a pain as it was going in a week early, we were sure in and out for this appointment! 

So, this girl weighed in a 17.8 pounds and 26 1/4 inches long! Right around the 50th percentile for both height and weight. She’s our tiny little thing (compared to the other two, at least!). 

We left the doctor happy and healthy as could be, but now a week later, we’re being infiltrated with a runny nose and a little cough. Yuck. Two out of three are still snoozing, so I’m taking advantage of it and prepping for the day. The hubby comes home late tonight (hallelujah!), and until then, I’m just ever-grateful for super great friends who double as really trustworthy and reliable babysitters.

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