Remembrance Run 10K

It’s Saturday night and we’ve had a day full of family and friends! I’m editing away at pictures – I got to do a newborn session and a soccer team session this weekend already. Total opposite type of sessions, brand new baby and a bunch of hyper nine year olds, but I just love them both! I’m taking a quick break to update the blog with a little race I got to run a few weeks ago. These two crazy bible study, neighbor, workout buddy, elementary school momma friends of mine were in their final week of training for the Marine Corps Marathon. Yep, since this picture they both completed 26.2 miles of insanity, something I’m pretty confident I’ll never have a burning desire to do. The Remembrance Run 10K was their last “training” race, and they asked me to do it with them. I said no until I realized my mom was visiting and could watch the kiddos for me – if I ran sub-10 minute miles I’d have just enough time to make it to coach Mitchell’s soccer game, so I did it! And I was so, so glad I did! Steve was off flying in helicopters and playing with explosives and doing his cool Marine Corps thing, and it’s always nice to have little milestones for me to make it through the time while he’s gone. 

This particular run was pretty special. It was designed to honor KIA’s, with a mile in the middle of the run with memorial signs for fallen Marines. Ones that my husband has worked with. Ones whose wives were running the race. With Marines running and saluting their pictures every few strides. With friends and families bent over honoring them. There’s something about this military community we live in that is just special. If we’re being completely honest, I didn’t really train for it. I ran a 5K a few months back, and five miles a month before that. Why do I always do this to myself? But my short little one mile warm-ups at the gym paid off and I was pleasantly surprised to run the course (that ended up being 6.4 miles) in under an hour! I kept up with my marathon friends until halfway, and then I said see ya at the end. Their training paid off, and they smoked me pushing a stroller, ha! It was the best start to my day running through Camp Johnson, Camp Lejeune, and the Beirut Memorial, before running back to the car to load up the kiddos for soccer. I owe it to my mom and some awesome friends for making this morning possible and convincing me to make it happen! 

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