Well here I am with Mitchell’s start of Pre-K post… a few months late. Whoops! But now that the school year is underway, I at least have a few things to say about how it’s going. Great pretty much sums it up! I was so excited to have Mitchell’s very first day of school off work, and I got to drop him at school! This was a little selfish on my part, since he really wanted to ride the bus, but I just had to get some pictures of his cute self in that uniform. First day weather – rainy! He was so excited to go to his new big school and not a tear was shed. 

Those cute little uniforms they wear make him ten times cuter! And just wait until Julia joins him in her sweet little jumpers and knee socks and mary janes! 

I’m convinced that Mitchell got the best teacher, and we’re so happy where he is at! He’s learning all kinds of things right now! He’s writing his name and talking about upper and lower case letters and is full of surprises all the time! This week, we had his very first parent teacher conference. I was admittedly nervous. His teacher is amazing sending out emails keeping us busy parents updated with what they’re learning at school, but we hadn’t got any feedback on just Mitchell. He had the proudest smile on his face when we told him how great his report was! 

I’m not going to lie to you – I did get a little emotional when he turned his sweet little face around and waved goodbye to me with a big old smile and walked right in with his classmates. He was looking back with those smiling eyes like they were saying, “Look at me go, Mommy!” And right there I felt like these next ten years are just going to go by in a flash. I don’t think it’s possible to love this boy any more than I already do. 

Onto the second quarter of the school year we go! Time is flying and before long, he’ll be halfway to full on kindergarten! 

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