Trick or Treat 2017

By some stroke of luck, we were all together this Halloween! I spent all morning at work, made it home in time to trick or treat as a family, and then headed back to work for the night. Daddy came in clutch helping with daycare pick-up and costume dressing, and we got a few fun-filled hours of family time together! These kiddos have been power-ranger-obsessed for a few months now, so when I found the pink and red ranger at Walmart, it was too perfect to pass up! They were the cutest little power rangers I ever did see, and trust me, we saw a lot of power rangers that night! 

This little gal made the fattest, most kissable elephant! I dug this gem out of Mitchell’s keepsake box and it took two of us to squeeze those chubby thighs and double chin into it, ha! 

We loaded up in our trusty red wagon (matching glasses and all!) and hit the neighborhood streets! These kids were pros and knew exactly what they were doing, only to be distracted by candy consumption. 

I didn’t want to put this girl down the whole night!

And, we were off!

Nothing cuter in the whole world than this girl in this guy’s arms! 

Our neighborhood streets were full of kids, and it just reminded me how much we love living where we do! It’s the perfect place for our growing family and we feel so, incredibly blessed! 

Julia ran into her little buddy, and we were marveling at how cute they were decked in pink from head to toe!

And last, but not least, the kiddos wore their costumes to one of our last soccer practices! What a fun way to end the season! 

So there you have it, Halloween! We unfortunately didn’t get a chance to carve pumpkins or decorate our porch this year, but fall slipped away in the blink of an eye and I’m already thinking about making sure we don’t miss a single Christmas tradition! 

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