Happy Birthday Marines

For those of my friends who aren’t Marine Corps, they go all out for the Marine Corps birthday every year. If you see all those pictures in dress blues and fancy dresses and big cakes – it’s birthday ball season! Since our ball isn’t until next week, and we were overdue for a kidless night, we got a little dressed up and headed down to downtown Wilmington for a night of just us – and he sure made me feel like a princess for a night! We went to Circa 1922, a really nice restaurant in the historic area of Wilmington. We last went here when we were dating about nine years ago, so it was fun to reminisce about how much has happened since then! Of course I ordered steak and potatoes, and then we stopped a few shops over for some ice cream and fudge! And since this guy knows my love language, we stopped off on the side of the road for a quick picture to remember together! 

It was pretty fun celebrating the big birthday day, and we were so grateful for amazing friends who volunteered to watch the kiddos for us. All three of them. The more kids we have, the more appreciative we are to friends who are willing to watch all these crazy redheads – because it makes for one eventful night! Next Saturday, we’ll be back to downtown Wilmington and really dressed up for our Marine Corps ball! 

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