Friday Nights and Mary Poppins

We don’t have a lot of traditions yet, but Friday nights are one of them. Movie. Pizza. Couch. I know as the kiddos grow, activities will pop up on the calendar and they’ll have friends to visit, but for now, I love the ease of our Friday nights. Honestly, Fridays are a little bit like a screeching halt to our 04:00 am wake up calls and long work days and soccer practices. We hit that couch and we don’t move and it’s amazing. Last week, we had the sweetest gift show up for the kids on the porch – Mary Poppins! A classic! My sweet neighbor from my childhood neighborhood was so thoughtful to send this to the kiddos. As tempted as I was to plug it in right away, I knew it was too perfect not to save for our weekly Friday movie night! 

Sometimes we order out, sometimes we just pop a quick pizza in the oven. 

The only thing that will make these nights better will be a Christmas tree and twinkle lights in the corner in just a few weeks! 

A huge thank you to our favorite neighbor and longtime friend, Sue, for another sweet Friday night pizza and a movie memory! 

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