Elsa Jammies

This girl is about as close as you can get to three years old without being there yet. She’s so ready, and I’m so not. This is the girl that will tell you to call her “jelly bean” when you call her Julia. The one who told her teacher she was three years old. And when the teacher told her she was still two, she said, “No, I’m number one.” The girl who can eat an unlimited amount of string cheese and can turn from sweet to sour and back to sweet in no time flat. The one who is testing her limits to see just how much she can get away with, more than her brother ever did, because she is just too smart for her own good. The girliest girl, always wanting to wear her pretty dresses and everything pink. 

This week, she came home from school, and I asked her about her day. She said, “I not hit my friends.” I told her that was a good thing and the night went on. Until we laid down later to say her prayers, and she said, unprompted, “Dear God, thank you for my friends, thank you for not hitting my friends.” I’m sensing a trend. I’m not saying she’s the easiest kid we’ll ever parent, because I’m fairly certain she’s definitely not. But she sure is a fun challenge. 

This girl’s very favorite clothing item is her beloved Elsa jammies, which she wears on a nightly basis. We now have two pairs we can rotate through the laundry, and boy does she love wearing them! I think a little bit of me will always see her as two years old in her Elsa jammies, no matter how big she gets. 

She may not always be full of snuggles, but she is full of some pretty great ones when she’s feeling generous enough to share. We’re currently trying to figure out how to celebrate this girl’s birthday this year. All we know, is we’re feeling so blessed to be spending it with all five of us together!

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