Marine Corps Ball 2017

There’s at least one day a year (pending no training and/or deployments) that we get to get extra fancy and party like we don’t have three kids four and under – the Marine Corps Ball! I was so very, very excited to go this year, because we missed the last two years. And this dress has been hanging in my closet for that long waiting for this special occasion! I don’t think there will ever be a day that I am tired of seeing this guy in his uniform. Boy, does it make me feel special getting to be his always date to this event! 
This year, our ball was in Wilmington. We left the kiddos in the best hands (and with some of their favorite friends, so they missed us zero on a scale from one to ten), and we were off! It is only about an hour drive, so were still able to pick them up afterwards and make it to church the next morning. That’s how you know we’re getting old, ha! 
The ceremony was pretty great, with a pretty impressive speaker. We’d never been to a ball that had the Marine Corps Band play the music for the ceremony live, so that was cool to hear! We snuck in a few dances before we called it a night and Steve kept teasing me because I couldn’t wipe the permanent smile off my face! 
He was laughing at me taking his picture, but he had a little extra bling on his uniform this year! Check out those jump wings! 
The odds are looking good that we’re going to make it to next year’s ball, too! And I am already thinking about what color to wear and how to wear my hair. 😉 

So, there you have it. Shout out to Camp Lejeune for some picturesque tank trails to pit stop and snap some tripod pictures on! They’re a whole lot cuter than our prom pictures, if I do say so myself. 😉

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