Mike’s Farm and Pumpkin Picking

This post title is a little misleading… technically we didn’t do any we didn’t do any pumpkin picking… more just pumpkin looking. Every fall we make the trek to this local gem – a pumpkin patch, hayride, and amazing homestyle restaurant all in one. Since the kiddos are big enough to get their own pumpkins, we have made a rule that they get to pick out one each – so long as they can carry them on their own. Well, we got out there and every single pumpkin left was huge! Apparently we waited too long and the field trips beat us to the little pumpkins! So, we were admittedly lacking in the pumpkin department this year, but we sure enjoyed our hayride! 

I know this stage will be over in the blink of an eye, but goodness how I love having her all cuddled up in my arms! 

Everything is so much more fun with this little pumpkin! We are just amazed at how much we didn’t know she was missing, and she’s just so fun! We all four love her to pieces and I think she just might be our most loved baby yet. After all, there are four of us to love this one! 😉

And somehow now, we’ve already celebrated Thanksgiving! We are so very excited to be spending this year’s holidays here in North Carolina, completely relaxed, with our military family! 

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