Soccer Wrap Up

A few weeks ago we wrapped up Mitchell’s second soccer season! It was his second season, and we sported those red tie-dye shirts again like nobody’s business. I may be biased, but I think we were the cutest little team there was, even if we were struggling to fill the field every week! Somehow, we ended up with a much smaller roster than the other teams, so these kiddos got a whole lotta playing time and definitely earned their hypothetical wins, since there is no score keeping yet! I had so much fun spending the weeks with them out on the field! 

Mitchell’s best buddy is on a different team, but we made sure we watched each other’s game every week!

Tell me these aren’t the cutest cheerleaders there ever were! 

Julia joined in on practices, so she’ll be extra ready for spring when she is old enough to play, too! 

There was one practice he insisted on wearing his Superman mask, ha!

And another practice we had to be a power ranger. 

This girl is always cracking us up. And wearing us out!

We were in desperate need of a coach, so I got to step up and be the Dynamites coach this season! While it was so much fun, I definitely don’t plan on doing it next season, with two kiddos in soccer, swim lessons, some solo parenting (courtesy of being a military spouse), and work. But, it sure was fun for a little while! Besides, my high school soccer skills are a little rusty and these kiddos are going to be showing me up in no time. 

So there you have it! The U5 Dynamites is a wrap!

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