Time Flies

Now that it’s cold outside (60 degrees), and somehow two seasons have passed, I’m realizing these pictures never made the blog. So here they are, about six months late. Our skinny little sweet pea is now a chunky sweet potato, as we like to call her. Mitchell started school and now knows all his letters. Julia is sassy and confident as ever. Mitchell tells me things like, “I love you all day, Mommy.” Aubrey is waving and clapping (her newest tricks!). We’re excited for the holidays, our first as a family of five, with Steve home! But goodness, how did those twelve weeks of maternity leave disappear in the blink of an eye, where we’d drop those big kids off at school and this girl was content to sit and nurse all day long? She’s going to be joining the ranks of the big kids soon, and I’m not quite sure how that happened. So tonight, I’m pausing wishing these babies were just a little more little again, and feeling so incredibly blessed for the gift to be their mother. 

They sure mean it when they say babies don’t keep. 

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