Eight Months of Aubrey

We’re just going to skip right over her seven month post, because that’s about how the last two months have felt. Where did it go? This girl went from baby to almost toddler in the last few months. If you’ve paid any attention to this neglected blog in the past few days, you know I’m scrambling like mad to get it caught up before the Christmas craze is upon us. So, here I am with Aubrey’s biggest milestones up to eight months! 

This girl is getting bigger – she’s wearing 12 month clothes. I went a little crazy at Old Navy when I found $10 matching dresses for her and Julia, and now she has the cutest little wardrobe for the winter! She is really the best baby. My favorite milestones – she is waving, clapping, and SAYING MAMA! Dada may have been her first word, but she’s got mama added to her vocabulary list too! She’s pulling up on all furniture, and even walking along furniture, so walking is in her not-so-distant future. Crawling is easy-peasy, and she is on all fours when she sees something she wants. Like her mama 😉 She loves her doggies and takes pure delight in grabbing a fistful of hair or getting a face full of kisses. She’s probably our least attached to the pacifier of any of the kids, but we still give it to her at night to sleep with. 

Aubrey is sleeping through the night, and taking two solid naps a day! She wasn’t a big napper in her first several months, so this is a welcomed transition. Though sometimes, I’ll admit, I miss her when she’s sleeping! Last night she slept 14 hours straight and by 8:00, I was chomping at the bit to wake her up! We have FIVE teeth! Three on the top and the same old two on the bottom that we’ve had forever. She’s eating like a champ, and last night she put away about 2/3 cup peas. She’s eating all kinds of solids now, we’re supplementing formula, and I still nurse her to sleep most nights too. She’s so easy going and we really don’t have a feeding or sleeping plan set in stone for her! 

So, there you have it. A few thoughts on Aubrey’s first eight months! Two thirds of the way to one year and this month is full of so many fun firsts! Aubrey’s first Christmas and we’re so close to walking that I’m thinking that may be our big news next month!

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