Christmas Trees 2017

A few weeks ago, we made a family trip out to the Home Depot to pick out our Christmas trees! (After we dropped off some broken glasses at the eyeglasses store, of course, ha!) Mitchell and Julia ran the aisles helping us pick out the perfect ones. We forgot to bring a tape measure, so we guessed off of the 6’3” tall, red, and handsome hubby. He wore his New Hampshire t-shirt and we pretended like we were chopping down our own tree and it wasn’t actually 75 degrees outside in North Carolina. 

I love this girl and all of her spunk. 

And Julia’s little mini-me that is big enough to ride in the shopping cart – how?!

After the boys were done playing in the ax aisle, we tied those bad boys up on the roof and headed home. 

And back home we went, two trees in tow! Our living room doesn’t have that window to the street where you can see the twinkle lights sparkling from the street. And, I just love pulling into the driveway to the sight of those pretty twinkle lights, so the last two years we put a tree in our playroom, too! The kids love having “their” ornaments and “their” tree in the playroom, and the hubby was convinced it was a good idea too, so boy was I happy! 

We had to grab some extra tree lights since a few seem to go out every year. Oh, and we have more trees – ha! I always want to remember how my amazingly patient husband took his boy out to exchange the blinking lights for the plain old tree lights when I was so frustrated I bought the wrong kind, and brought us girls back a cheesecake too. He sure takes care of us, and if Mitchell turns out just a little bit like him, he’s going to make a pretty great husband someday. 

Our living room is so cozy, now! I could fall asleep on the couch every night  to those glowing trees!

And now, the garland is up, the stockings are hung, and the outside is even decorated! We’re just waiting for a merry, merry Christmas with these three sweet redheads of ours, and Aubrey’s very first Christmas! 

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