Meeting Santa

By a pure stroke of mom luck, we completely unexpectedly got to meet Santa on Saturday! We were actually headed to the neighborhood clubhouse for a completely unrelated and boring reason – picking up some paperwork. When I walked in the front door, the awesome lady at the clubhouse (who I love!!!) asked me where the kiddos were, because Santa was there! Y’all, I can’t even make this up. They were sitting in the car with my mom… and my camera… in matching Christmas pajamas. They were still wearing pajamas at 10:30 in the morning because it was rainy and 30 degrees and we were planning on being all sorts of lazy that day. So we scrounged up a bow for Aubrey’s messy hair from the glovebox (#girlmom), I borrowed a spare memory card from my mom’s camera, and we walked in like we totally planned to be there with 30 Santa minutes to spare! 

Aubrey girl was so sweet meeting Santa for the very first time. She just cuddled him up while the big kids cowered and remained unconvinced by every bribe in the book to get their festive selves on his lap. 

Afterwards, we put away a collective seven powdered donuts and headed for the house. Totally unplanned, and totally convenient so we can skip the madness of the PX Santa this year! Meeting Gunny Clause is on my military Christmas bucket list, so maybe we’ll track him down next year. 

While we were busy meeting Santa in our cozy jams, the hubby has spent five nights out in the freezing, rainy 20-30 degree cold, with no tent! Even worse, no cell phone, and I’m going through withdrawals not being able to talk to that love of mine. We’ve only got a couple more days without him, and I don’t know how I’m going to survive some even longer upcoming training without him. We’ve been so spoiled having him home lately that I’m going a little crazy with the Marine Corps making me go cold turkey. No cell phone or nothin’! Which is probably best for him anyway, because he’d just be wishing he was here to help with the sick kiddos. At least he’ll have some cute Santa pictures to see when he comes home this week, right? 😉 Christmas shopping is 95% done and we’re counting down the days until Christmas!

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