Christmas Cards 2017

Since Christmas is tomorrow and 85% of our cards have made it in the mail, I’m thinking it’s okay to go ahead and share our Christmas cards! If you’re usually on our list and I needed an updated address, yours is still sitting in the visor of my car and I’m so, sorry, but it’s been busy around here! I’ll get them to you eventually! Our Christmas picture were a little spontaneous this year, on the way to our friends’ house for Thanksgiving I realized we were coordinated and how much effort it would be to do it again, so we made a pitstop at my secret little spot that looks like Christmas year round and whipped out the tripod! 

So, here are the outtakes of our little Christmas photoshoot and updated family pictures! 

I should probably go ahead and set a calendar reminder to get them out earlier next year, but better later than never! It’s time for us to get ready for our Christmas Eve service at church tonight! I got to preview three services last night when I photographed them, but I’m extra excited to get to relax and watch with our families tonight and see our big boy Mitchell perform on stage! Let the Christmas festivities begin! ❤

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