Lifegroup Potluck

A few weeks ago we wrapped up another season of Lifegroup at FBCJax. This group of girls has been a staple in my life for nearly three years now and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without them. I have so much love for each and every one of them, and I was so grateful for a relaxed night with food and our families to fellowship before Christmas! not everyone could make it, but there were still so many kids in our house and it was so great. If this group of girls knows how to do one thing, it’s love cute kiddos! 

This sweet girl is celebrating her first Christmas as a part of our clan of kids. She’s teaching me that adoption is so hard but so cool and I’m so grateful to be just a tiny party of their journey!

When dinner was ready, there were so many kids at the table – and this wasn’t even all of them! Lasagna for everyone! 

We did a gift exchange, laughed, let the kids play, chatted away, and kicked of the Christmas season right. I’m already counting down the days until our next season (just a few weeks left!). My house feels so empty without these gals every week! The blessings this season seem to be endless this year, and I can’t praise God enough for sending this group of girls through my door and into my heart every week. 

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