Mitchell’s Christmas Party

I am beyond convinced that Mitchell has THE BEST classroom in his entire preschool with THE BEST teachers. I just love how much thought and love and patience (hello, they’re a bunch of three and four year olds) goes into that room every single day. Especially, this time of year when they went all out for Christmas – complete with a giant tree, a faux fireplace with stockings hung for everyone, and a cardboard gingerbread house! And to celebrate the good news even more, those teachers put together a Christmas program for all of the parents to join in on! They sang, we had hot chocolate, decorated cookies, played games, and Mitchell got to show off his cool classroom to Mommy and Daddy for the afternoon! 

Grandma was already in town for Christmas, so she got to join in on the festivities! Mitchell showed her a thing or two about playing tic-tac-toe. 😉

His party came on one of those work-all-night-and-all-day-on-no-notice times, so Daddy was a champ getting Mitchell ready for the party, and all the kids dropped off! 

The best part about this classroom is that Julia gets to join him when she turns three – IN A WEEK! What?! We are so grateful that we got to have not only one kiddo in this special place, but two (and who knows, maybe three!). More Christmas updates on cue! 

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