Julia is Three Years Old

Our little Julia Rose is three years old today. Our January baby. Our middle child. Our jelly bean. The one who has taught us so much about patience. The one who is always outsmarting us and talking like she’s 14 years old. Our rough and tumble girly girl, who always wants to wear make up and dresses. Thank goodness for Old Navy t-shirt dresses because we buy those out every season. She loves all things princesses, with no questions about which are her favorite princesses – Sophia, Elsa, Moana, and Ariel. She loves having her toes painted and sneaking into my makeup drawer and putting mascara on her eyebrows. And drawing on my mirror with eyeliner. She loves her lipstick (chapstick). She loves strawberry jelly on her PB&J’s, pink ice cream, and pink cupcakes. If you ask her what her favorite flavor is, it’s pink. She loves sitting in her brother’s carseat when we go somewhere, just the two of us. She’ll eat 15 pieces of string cheese if you don’t stop her, and she loves eating the cookies in her lunchable first. She grew two whole inches in the last six months, but she’s still a few shorter than three year old Mitchell. She knows most of her letters and I can’t believe how smart she is. She calls her coat with the fur liner her “tiger jacket.” The one person that makes her smile no matter what is Aubrey. She’d jump on the bed, squealing all day long if you let her. She loves wearing necklaces, and she calls every single one her amulet. She has a reoccurring dream that a bear bites her finger off and I have no idea why. She loves looking at baby pictures of herself and when she sees me editing pictures she asks to look at pictures of “Baby Juju.” She listens about 15% of the time and she drives us nuts, but then you look at her and she’s so cute you can’t stand it. If there was ever a child that was born to be a leader, she’s it. She teaches me daily what it means to have self-confidence and care less who is watching. She twirls away to the beat of her Sophia the First soundtrack like no one is watching. Sometimes I forget how young she really is… after all, she’s always tagging along with her big brother or taking care of her baby sister. This year we went from toddler to kid and I am so sad to say goodbye to that stage, but so excited to get to know this little girl she’s becoming. A little girl with a huge personality. Three years old means a whole lot of fun. A preschool classroom, swim lessons, and maybe even ballet! She’s really the best girl I could ever ask for. And so you can see why my heart is breaking and bursting at the same time, here’s a little trip down memory lane.

Time sure is a thief. I’m thankful for all of the days with our big girl. And we may be tucking in a three year old tonight, I don’t see any problem spoiling her rotten for her whole birthday weekend! Happy birthday, Jelly Bean!

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