Julia’s Birthday Lunch

Yesterday we celebrated Julia’s birthday with a fun lunch at Freddy’s! I originally planned on doing Krispy Kreme for a birthday brunch on Sunday after church, but this snow storm shut down our entire city for a week and church was cancelled! (Which is why I’m writing this post on my couch on Sunday morning in my pajamas, about to go sledding!) We were out on the town for soccer sign-ups and picking up her cake anyway, so we changed plans and had the best time celebrating her birthday with a lunch, complete with two of her three requests – pink cupcakes and pink ice cream!

Her third request was pink nails, so we made sure to take care of this request a little later! She is the sassiest little girly girl I’ve ever loved!

Our friends joined us for lunch, which was super fun! This little guy has been to three of her three birthday parties! So thankful for their friendship!

Aubrey spent most of the afternoon stuffing her face with french fries.

After sufficiently terrorizing the restaurant with our herd of five children five and under, Julia instructed us that it was time to sing her happy birthday, so she could blow out her candles.

Aubrey kept eating french fries, and we moved on to cupcakes and ice cream!

And, it wouldn’t be complete without spoiling this girl with a little glitter and her favorite gift – pink goggles for the swimming pool! (Which she pronounces “pink gah-goyoles.” So cute.)

I had the best birthday with our three year old princess, and I think she had a little fun, too. 😉

Considering that she slept until 9:30 this morning, I think it’s safe to say her birthday was a success. Now it’s time to feed this girl a cupcake for breakfast and take her sledding!


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