Sledding in North Carolina

After living in North Carolina for my entire adult/married life, I’ve gotten used to getting a dusting of snow, that miiiiight last a day or two. This year, we got a whole bunch of snow, at least when you’re talking North Carolina standards. And, to top it off, we got a whole lot of cold weather right after the snow, so it stayed put. Long enough to give the hubby and kids a whole bunch of snow days! So, on the last cold day before we said goodbye to our winter wonderland, we hit up a hill for some sledding! Our church followed suit with the entire city shutting down, so instead of all of us piling in our normal row of seats in church, our families piled ourselves on sleds!
The hill was so packed down from a few days of sledding, so it was essentially just a sheet of ice we flew down. North Carolinians do sledding right. Everyone pulls out the boogie boards. Let me tell ya, those things make some awesome sleds! Our boogie boards were gifts from Steve’s parents for our first anniversary, and they’ve been the gift that keeps on giving for the six and a half years since!

Everyone had a grand old time and Mitchell did NOT want to leave when everyone else got cold. Lucky boy convinced Daddy to come back later that afternoon for some more sledding!

We decided that the dads had more fun than any of the kids.


Steve even dusted off his old snowboard and gave our makeshift bunny hill a few runs. He’s still got it in case you’re wondering!
This girl was nice and cozy in two pairs of footie pajamas and a big old teddy bear jacket and slept the whole time! She finally woke up and was ready for her minute of snow play before we all headed in to warm up! I love her and her cute little self so darn much!
We came inside and found Julia digging in the day before’s birthday presents, and have been doing glitter coloring, glitter markering, and glitter painting on our kitchen table ever since!
With some big work trips in the near future for the hubby, we were so grateful for all the extra family time this snowstorm snuck in for us to kick of our 2018. And there’s mention of some more weather headed for us in about a week, so you’ll find me with my fingers crossed for a repeat winter event!

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