For Julia’s third birthday, she had some pretty girly requests – pink cupcakes and pink nails. DONE AND DONE. I’ve been itching to take her for her very first trip to the nail salon, so her third birthday was the perfect opportunity! Our normal wild child was perfectly behaved, polite, and cute in there. Her big old eyes were in awe of the big girl salon, and she was telling everyone she was there for her “nanny-pedi,” HA! This girl kills me. We listened to the Sophia the First soundtrack all the way there and back, and she kept her post-birthday-party tired self awake the whole way there. And let me tell you, that took some effort, because her eyes were closing in that carseat.

The lady was so sweet and gave her a pillow to prop her back up against so her little legs were long enough to paint. Julia kept asking her, “Excuse me, ma’am. What is that?” every time she brought a new tool out.

The best part? My chin dropped when they told me it was only $12. Looks like this girl is going to be getting spoiled a lot more often, because that is one heck of a bargain to see the pure joy and delight on this girl’s face. Her day was MADE.

So, we headed home in the snow for a third helping of pink cupcakes and bedtime. This girl’s birthday only came a week after mine. Why did no one ever tell me that kids birthdays are SO much more fun than your own. I’m dreading this growing up thing that keeps happening, but spoiling them rotten for a day sure is the best.

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