Doing some major, major catch up on the blog tonight, so don’t say you weren’t warned. Last month we had the opportunity to help welcome a new little life into our Lifegroup kiddo family – Ariebella! Our friends, Angel and Justin, (read their story back here) welcomed their sweet girl via the most amazing adoption story filled with God’s fingerprints all over the place. Their whole journey has showed me just a little glimpse into the emotional highs and lows of adoption, unconditional love, and patience in God’s purpose and plan – even when we don’t see it. We were so excited for an afternoon to just celebrate and laugh and smile and love on this family and sweet little girl. This party was a total success, thanks to a whole bunch of beautiful girls that I’m lucky enough to call my friends!

Julia was my little helper all day (with the help of a lot of pink cupcake bribes), Aubrey slept practically the whole time in her carseat, and Steve and Mitchell escaped for a daddy-son lunch date to anywhere except a pink baby shower, ha! (They came at the end and said hi!).

The coloring table was a hit with the kiddos!

Someone brought a book for us all to write sweet messages in to Ariebella!

It’s crazy to think that it’s this little blog that brought Angel and I together! (via a mutual friend Sarah!). The military spouse world is so very small, and I’m so grateful it brought this sweet momma and daughter duo into my life!

Next up – Christmas, maybe? Why am I so behind on blog posts??! Oh, yea – life with three kids. 😉

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