Catching up 2017, Starting 2018

A few things from the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 that I don’t want to forget. Playing in the rain. After the Marine Corps Ball, Julia was obsessed with wearing my high heels for a few days.


Aubrey was the cutest shopper in Walmart that day. No competition.


Took a few trips to the pool.


December had a few warm days that we got to ride bikes.


These fun kiddos stayed over for a sleepover.


I took this picture before we handed their friends back off to mom and dad at church. But I totally would have kept them.


The kiddos love Daddy’s Mickey Mouse waffles – three waffles with syrup!


Some days after church we get donuts.


This girl and I had a fun shopping day together.


Straight from the dressing room.


When Daddy is away, I sneak them in my bed to watch movies.


I turned 29 and we had the best breakfast at Cracker Barrel with my parents.


Another night we watched some kiddos for a friend and I doubled the number of kids in the house. So much fun!


Took a trip to DC and visited Lindsay. It was so cold and she is so pregnant that we sat on the couch for two days and it was amazing. And so fun to see Mitchell and Maybree back together again.


On the way back home, we stopped in DC and visited Rachel. Of course, it was still too cold to do anything, so we made our usual pitstop at Arlington National cemetery to leave flowers.


Grabbed some pancakes at IHOP where Julia ate whipped cream by the spoonful…


And walked around Target because we weren’t quite done talking and we had to find a warm way to entertain these crazies!


Cutest napper in Julia’s hand-me-down.


Killing my ankles and sanity with their own shopping carts. But they love it so much!


It snowed in North Carolina! Twice!


Boot shopping with Daddy. Not sure why we were out in public with our pajamas but also not surprised.


Car selfie with my girl.


Christmas/birthday girls-only shopping trip!


Selfie with my other girl. ❤


And I think that’s it! Trying like mad to make sure these pictures don’t fall through the cracks, because if they don’t make it on the blog, I’m gonna forget it. Happy Saturday night! It’s 9:15 so I’m up way past my embarrassingly early bedtime. Time to get some sleep before we get this crew ready for Sunday morning church!

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