Christmas 2017

Just over here reliving our Christmas! No one ever told me how FUN Christmas morning is with kids! I think I sat on the couch for about two hours with this girl looking at Facebook/Instagram pictures of friends Christmas mornings while I was waiting for our big kids to wake up!


Oh, and Daddy still had to wake up too. It was so quiet in the house with just Aubrey and the dogs up! We enjoyed a nice quiet breakfast of Cheerios and prepped a little for a big brunch later in the morning!


The big kids finally rolled out of bed and we got to tell them that Santa came!


As you can imagine, they were pretty excited!


Can you guess the first thing that caught their eye? 🙂 We had to convince them to wait until later to take the thing for a spin.


And so, the living room wrapping paper explosion began. So. much. fun.


Last year, we gave my mother-in-law pencil drawings from a super talented artist of the big kids, and this year we gave her Aubrey! Apparently she and my father-in-law have a standing debate as to whether he gets to take them to his office or she gets to hang them in the house, so I’m not quite sure where Aubrey will end up, but she loved it! And apparently also guessed it, because I guess I was a predictable gift giver this year, ha!


After the opening before the playing, we had a big old family breakfast.


And then the roller coaster came out, thanks to our favorite friend, Lindsay.


We headed outside in the new beloved princess dress to take the Jeep for a spin!


It was a really relaxing day and I’m still reminiscing. I am so thankful for this family of ours and every holiday we get to spend together!


And if you’re still with us and haven’t gotten enough of the Martin Family Christmas, check out this video I made from holiday together!

Christmas Video 2017

So, there you have it. Christmas in almost February. I’m off to the pictures folder on my computer to figure out what fun adventure to share next! 🙂

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