Christmas Eve 2017

Now that it’s practically February, does anyone still feel like we just had Christmas? That would be me, probably party of one. I’m still trying to find ways to put the girls back in these adorable matching red and green dresses (always Old Navy!) without looking too December. Remember that green dress, because in three years, Aubrey will be wearing it in our Christmas picture, almost guaranteed. We spent our Christmas Eve with both of our families here in North Carolina! We are so, so blessed that both of our families were able and excited to come visit us for such a special holiday (not that it had anything to do with them wanting to visit the kids). I was so excited to photograph all of the amazing Christmas Eve services on the 23rd this year, so I couldn’t wait to take our family to enjoy it on the 24th!


The church service started off with a rendition of Little Drummer Boy that I loved. Maybe it was the former high school marching band snare drummer in me, but it was my favorite.


During the worship, they called up all the Sunday Schoolers to perform the song Noel – and it snowed mid-performance! Some kids (Mitchell) had varying levels of enthusiasm, but I was so proud to see them up there on that stage singing!


I caught this precious picture of my dad and Aubrey during worship and it just made me pause and be so very, very thankful.


This was a special service, so the kids care was closed, so the big kids came in the service with us. Grandmas and Grandpas teamed up to sit with Mitchell and Aubrey, which was so sweet and so helpful, because Julia might have required 4000% of my attention. She only threw my cell phone in the center aisle three times, but hey, God sure gave that girl a good throwing arm.


After church, we headed home for the traditional Christmas Eve dinner of enchiladas, and this view from the kitchen is something I hope these kiddos cherish forever, because I know us adults will.


After dinner, the big kids opened one present from their Uncle Colby – a remote control dinosaur for Mitchell and a karaoke microphone for Julia!


We did the dishes and admired the Christmas lights.


And ate a few of Santa’s cookies.


And all these kiddos went right to bed in their Christmas pajamas before Santa made his much anticipated arrival! Goodbye living room floor!


Would you be surprised if I told you that the next post up is Christmas morning? Stay tuned!


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