Best Valentines

This Valentines Day was filled with its fair share of ups and downs, but overall, we ended the day on the highest of highs. We were on the very tail end of a few weeks without the hubby, and that’s always so exciting to have him home. We miss him like crazy when he’s gone, and boy is he helpful to have around. He would have been extra helpful this time, since we spent Friday with stomach bug Aubrey, Sunday night with stomach bug Julia, Monday two of our friends from Lifegroup (who were over on Sunday) and a friends’ kid got the stomach bug, and Monday night I fell victim. It was gone about as soon as we got it, but boy was it no fun while it was here. Good thing patient zero over here is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. Oh, and she got two new teeth that weekend, so that was fun. I’m feeling soooooo rested. 😉


So, after a loooong night with all of that, I was feeling pretty good getting the kiddos in the Valentine’s garb, sending them to school with all Valentine’s needed for their school parties, and leaving a little surprise for them on the kitchen table to find with Daddy when they all got home. Because, of course, the day Steve gets home from a work trip is the day I worked the late shift – ha! Everyone had a little something special thanks to some of our favorite people (Melissa & Doug) and my inability to hold myself back at the new Carter’s in town.


I may have been working, but boy is that hubby of mine the best at making me feel special. He surprised me at work with some flowers, grabbed the three kiddos who were over the moon to have their daddy back, and met me for a dinner at one of our favorites – Mission BBQ. And surprised me with a new pair of earrings. A+ husband on his A game!


It may not have been the most relaxing Valentines in the books, but when is it ever relaxing around here anymore with three kids? Everyone had giant smiles on their faces getting our favorite guy back, even if our days with him are numbered before his next trip.


So there ya have it – Valentine’s Day 2018! Looks a little different from Valentine’s Day 14 years ago when he gave me a pretty little bracelet between classes during sophomore year of high school. 😉 But, boy, has life gotten so much sweeter.

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