Julia’s Gymnastics

A few months ago, our town opened up a Little Gym! Being that we’re on the brink of a big trip for Daddy (more on that later), in the middle of a super fun family vacation (more on that later!), Mitchell’s soccer starting up, church Lifegroup season, and Aubrey’s first birthday, I opted for easy this year and booked this awesome space for Aubrey’s party! I can’t wait to see all the fun their little friends are going to have!!!


So, back to Julia. She’s our outgoing, free-spirit, who knows exactly what she wants 1000% of the time. Case in point – yesterday at Target when we walked in, she looks directly at me and tells me to take her to the swimsuits because she wants a new one. She tells me that I’m her “best girl,” her “sweetie pie,” and then five minutes later she says “I’m not going to listen to you because I’m not your mommy.” That’s right Julia, you’re not the mommy, I am, ha! Oh, and Aubrey is her “sweet darling.” Where does she come up with this stuff? Needless to say, she’s one crazy kid and finding her an outlet is something I am really excited about.


A few months ago, we saw the movie Leap in theaters and it quickly because a favorite for Julia and a favorite of mine for her. It was so cute and had a sweet story line, and the headstrong girl had red hair – how perfect for Julia. After that, I was so excited to put her in her first ballet classes when she turned three. Then she turned three and when I called, they go off of the school year and she couldn’t start until fall! I was so bummed!


So, when I went to booked Aubrey’s party I signed Julia right up. We’re a few weeks in and she is LOVING it, and I am too. They have had the best customer service and I am so impressed with this new business here. I have a feeling they’re going to outgrow this building pretty soon because they are going to be exploding with tiny little gymnasts if they keep this up! The teachers have been so, so great!


So, there’s some recent news. We have a very enthusiastic, very much learning how to follow directions, gymnast in the house! Though you wouldn’t know it by the accidental headfirst flip she did off the corn hole board in the front yard last night, ha!

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