Aubrey’s First Birthday Party

Today we had the best afternoon celebrating Aubrey’s first birthday! How is it possible that we’re all out of babies around this house? We’ve had someone in diapers for almost five years now and I’m coming to terms with the fact that this littlest one is growing on up with the rest of them. I love every single stage (except the whining stage), so thinking about life with a toddler again is so exciting! Having our family together for this milestone was such a blessing, because it’s not always a guarantee with this military lifestyle.


We did Aubrey’s party at The Little Gym here in our town. Best idea ever! All we did was show up with cupcakes, a fruit tray, and some party hats – and they did everything else! The kids had fun running their little hearts out and the teachers did so many fun activities with them. I can’t sing their praises enough. I was impressed enough as it was that they learned our kids names the first week when we became members, but then I heard the teachers calling their friends by name and I was blown away. This place has the nicest, friendliest girls on staff and I wish I could have done more for them today than just leaving them a cupcake! Simple was the name of the game this year. This morning after we left church, Steve asked what all I needed to get ready. I told him nothing, and that I had just told him that the day before. He replied, “I know you did, but I didn’t really believe you.” Oh, he knows me so well. But really, easy is where it’s at these days.


How does Julia look ten years old here?


Check out all these awesome kiddos!


I just love this little cupcake girl to pieces!!!


It’s an interesting season right now because a few of us are moving, a few are going through deployments, and our group of girls is going to be changing again. (Darn PCS season!). I am so grateful for God placing these girls in my life and I can honestly say I don’t know how I would have done the last three years without our weekly fellowships and times together! It was fun seeing all our kiddos play together – it seems like that’s all we did at the park and the pool last summer! This time change today is making me oh so excited for some warm weather and park dates!


Birthday parties just have a way of making me feel so blessed that all these people we love want to come celebrate and love on our kiddos. We don’t have family out here, so having friends that love us like family is such an amazing gift!

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