Hockey Update

A few weeks ago, we wrapped up Mitchell’s hockey season! He’s working so hard in his learn to play hockey lessons so we can get him on a team before long! It’s so, so fun to watch him get better every single time. The learning curve for four year olds is HIGH! No tears, no coaxing, just pure excitement to get out there every single week. Totally worth every long drive to get him there. I just love watching him play! And, with Daddy home a lot of this season, I also loved my sweet lazy mornings with the girls while the boys had their hockey mornings!


I can’t believe how cool this kid looks on the ice. He definitely looks the part! 😉


We’re starting off soccer season now – on such a high note! We’re planning to keep jumping back and forth between hockey and soccer season. But boy, am I excited for our next chance to get Mitchell out on the ice!

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