Chimney Rock

Lovin’ these people hard today. The kids and I ventured out of the cabin for the first time in two days! (Steve had made the big trips to the grocery store – so the four of us literally hadn’t gone anywhere, and it was great). The hubby found an afternoon hike really close by – with a scenic rock summit and a waterfall at the bottom! It was an overcast 65 degree day (no one was cold and no sunburns!), so our Friday afternoon was just begging for a hike. MVP of our trip goes to the Tula. We strapped Aubrey on my back and she was as content as could be for the few hours we went exploring!


Overall, the kiddos hiked about 2 1/2 miles. I was so, so impressed that they did it all themselves and with zero complaints! It’s fun to think we can do activities like this together now! If we ever get stationed in Arizona, we’re going to do some serious hiking! The trail was either stairs or gentle paths, and so the kids could do it no problem!


Our first stop was at the top of the mountain, and it had some spectacular views. The clear day made it easy to admire the surrounding mountains, and we could see Lake Lure at the bottom.


When did we have all these beautiful babies? The past five years have blessed us beyond my wildest dreams.



We ran into some llamas on the trail. Us girls weren’t so sure of them, but the boys insisted we get a picture with them. Aubrey’s face looking at that thing cracks me up. Julia finally gave it the most reluctant pat when I told her that it was just like her book, Llama Llama Red Pajama. She was a good sport, but still not convinced.


This was about the point where we could hear the waterfall and the kiddos got their second wind. Mind you, this was really our second hike. It was primarily stairs to the top of the rock, we walked back down the stairs, and took a separate trail from the starting point to the waterfall. They were the BEST sports and we didn’t even have to convince them they were excited! Parents of toddlers – you know what I’m talking about!


We sat at the base of the waterfall and admired it over some PB&J’s.


Second MVP of the trip – my beloved tripod and remote. Steve was excited for the top of the mountain, but I just couldn’t wait for the waterfall. We’re trying to squeeze in alllll the family pictures this week, and so far we’re doing a pretty good job.


Before we came, everyone was telling us the most charming places to eat, and the best places to visit. But, all I want to do is just sit in our cabin (and hot tub) and not go anywhere. The hubby is cooking me alll the yummy foods and bringing me glasses of wine on repeat, fireplace on, so can you blame me?

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