Early Easter

This year the Easter Bunny decided to come a little early, and boy were the kiddos surprised! I crawled up with them in their little loft bedroom and we talked about what Easter is – a big ‘ol celebration for Jesus saving us. And how it’s fun to throw a party when there is something worth celebrating – kinda like Jesus’ birthday. So the Easter bunny helped us celebrate. And then I told them to crawl over to that window in their little cabin loft and look outside for their surprise. (It’s that window in the picture down there). And boy were they excited when they saw the woods scattered with those plastic pastel eggs.


We knew that Daddy would miss Easter itself and these beautiful woods right outside our porch and vacation days with nothing to do – how could we not celebrate an early Easter?! I am just loving the feel of spring and all it entails. Warm (ish) weather is right at the top of that list!


Oreos, jelly beans, and new Hunter boots for everyone! I know myself, and I won’t be able to stand doing another little egg hunt for the kiddos, but the big basket gifts is done for this year, and since I completely forgot to pack any toys for the kids this trip, I’m glad we got to dig in the surprises in those baskets!


Aubrey Jean was completely content rattling those eggs filled with jelly beans! Meanwhile Mitchell was shaking all the eggs to find the ones filled with oreos, ha! The Easter bunny originally found some cute yellow filled oreos with little spring designs on them, but the Easter bunny also has a sweet tooth and decided to show the little bunnies how to dip cookies in milk on the counter one night. So regular old white frosting it was. 😉


So there you have it! Our actual Easter we’ll be spending Saturday and Sunday at church because I get to photograph/video the church services! And boy, I can’t wait!

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