Our Mountain Trip

Boy, was this trip so, so needed. Remind me the next time we’re thinking about planning a true vacation to pick somewhere that you can literally do nothing. We talked about how fun Disney would be, but also that we would have been running around ‘doing’ and not just ‘being.’ We skipped out on the sight-seeing of Biltmore and Asheville and opted to stay in and just be together. We had one outing hiking Chimney Rock, and another morning where we had a fun Easter celebration. But, other than that, we cooked and hot-tubbed and that was about it!


Our cabin was a short walk away from this beautiful pavilion, and we spent a whole night up here roasting hotdogs and marshmellows, eating as many s’mores as our bellies could handle. Aubrey chowed down on some hotdog buns, we hooked up some music to the speakers, and the kids tossed their little hearts out on the cornhole boards.


A lot of our other meals looked like this, outside our porch at the picnic table. We lucked out big with the perfect weather. It made me want to find a picnic table for our yard at home!


I’m so glad we found this little spot on AirBNB! It was the coziest, cutest little cabin. We kept the fireplace on and the rockers reclined practically the whole time. The kiddos had their very own loft bed, and they slept so great up there the whole time! They had a lot of fun playing in their own space and watching movies instead of naptimes. Everyone left feeling pretty spoiled.


Daddy went to the store on the first day and grocery shopped, so we didn’t end up eating out once! Usually by the end of trips I can’t wait to get back to normal food, but we just whipped up all our usuals (and favorites!) in our kitchen! On paper plates, too, so no dishes!


There were two hiking loops around the property we stayed at, and we got to hike them with the dogs. Oh, and the dogs got SO MUCH exercise this trip! Any time we were outside, which was a lot, we just let them run around the whole time in the woods! There are several cabins there, but we were the only ones renting this weekend, so we had the whole place to ourselves! The only people we saw were the owners, who checked in on us to make sure we didn’t need anything. Oh, and they had cupcakes waiting on the kids with a sweet note when we got there!


Shout out to this girl who was a trooper and hiked all the way home after she fell in a little creek, ha!


We’re headed back to the real world now. Mitchell told me this morning he can’t wait to get back to “our sweet, sweet house.” He’s the cutest. I’m not too sad about going home, because I sure love our home. But I also don’t want to forget our long weekend of waking up to the birds chirping, having nothing at all to do, and Mitchell tapping rocks on the picnic table to “call the woodpeppers.” Eating meals together. Letting the dogs run to their hearts’ content. Sweatpants and snuggling. Putting the kids to bed early and looking up at the stars with the hubby in the hot tub. Watching the kids splash the afternoon away from the porch. Seeing the delight on their faces when they found the egg hunt in the woods. Listening to their little imaginations playing with their dinosaurs and unicorns. Giving Aubrey baths in the sink before she doesn’t fit anymore. Watching Aubrey splash on one side and wash the dishes on the other after the hubby made my favorite dinner of all time. Letting the kids catch their marshmellows on fire just so they can blow them out. This is a vacation we won’t ever forget. You just can’t put a price on these days. Someday we won’t have little people to run around and clean up after. They might be crazy and loud and wild and cry a lot and drive us nuts, but I love all these people so much and I can honestly say I would spend another four days being cooped up in the mountains with my people doing it all over again.

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