Aubrey Turns One

Don’t mind me while I’m eating my feelings in chocolate today. Our sweet baby girl that changed our lives for the better in a million different ways turns one today! This is the girl that makes it impossible to not smile. She instantly lights up the room. She is easily our most loved baby because we have so many people around this house loving her so hard. She has been our go with the flow girl from day one. After all, we worked a 12 hour day and welcomed family into town and went out to dinner, contractions through it all, before we went to the hospital. She was three days old when she attended her first church service. By a week old, we were back in full swing and she hasn’t batted an eye since. She is always happy and smiling and constantly loved. In the most literal, hands-on, dogs licking and kids hugging kind of sense.


Today we’re celebrating this girl. The big kids went to school and it’s just mommy, daddy, and Aubrey for the afternoon and we’re soaking up every single second. Extra grateful that Daddy is here for this big day. I’m so, so thankful for our red-headed, goldfish-loving, kiss-blowing, almost-walking blessing with eight big ‘ol teeth in that cheesy grin of hers.


HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY AUBREY! Now someone just put a giant hold on these next 17 years.


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