Sweet Saturday

This weekend was so, so sweet together. I had four days off work, so that in itself was pretty great. We soaked up each other as much as we could and it was the best. This post doesn’t include so much, like Steve and I spending our whole Friday afternoon one-on-one with our birthday girl (Aubrey!). A delicious dinner cooked by the hubby, shared with our friends, the Beards, at home. Saturday afternoon, Aubrey got to celebrate her cute little daycare friend’s birthday at the sweetest party, and we think it’s the cutest thing ever that she has her own baby friends and growing social calendar. Ha! Saturday night we dropped the kiddos off with some friends so we could go on a date, except the festival we were planning on going to got rained inside, so we opted to watch a movie and order pizza in sweats. The best. Sunday morning we went to church (Palm Sunday) and they wrapped up a series on love, the girls wore the cutest matching dresses and Mitchell ran out the doors yelling, “Yay, Jesus!” Steve held me tight during the worship music and that is my favorite. Then we headed over to Cracker Barrel with our friends and ordered up endless pancakes and biscuits and chowed down. We carried on with our four day weekend on Monday morning and slept in, took the kiddos to school, hit up the gym together, and had a lunch date to the car wash and Mission BBQ (the BEST date ever). Y’all, it was a pretty darn good weekend full of family. I missed a lot of moments, but here’s the stuff we did capture! Aubrey cruising around the house on her walker. She whips that thing around like nobody’s business. She looks like she could pass it on anytime, but she hasn’t quite taken the plunge to walking on her own yet. But it sure looks like it’s going to be soon!


Saturday morning was chilly, so we bundled up and headed to the soccer fields for Mitchell’s game. He was so great! He was smiling the whole time, and our hearts were bursting with joy watching him run all over that field!


After soccer, we hit up Freddy’s as a family and had a lunch date full of french fries and ice cream – Julia’s two favorite food groups.


It’s weekends like these that leave me loving my family like crazy. Tuesday morning is gonna hit me hard – it’s back to work for me and back to school for these crazy kiddos!

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