Easter Eve

Wrapping up Easter Eve over here with three sleeping kiddos, some cozy sweats, and a grateful heart. This sunny weather has our hearts craving summer, and we’re thinking about a trip to the beach tomorrow after church! We spent the day at church volunteering (aka taking pictures – my FAVE), tomorrow we’ll catch a service, photograph some more, and then enjoy the rest of our weekend together with zero plans!


We’re missing Daddy around here, but Mitchell is doing a good job helping out! He made his own dinner tonight while I put the girls to sleep – six dino nuggets and a blueberry waffle, with a nice cold ice water. I didn’t even argue with it because I am so, so proud of how independent he’s becoming. Tonight he brought me a water for my nightstand, too.


Every morning when we’re getting ready for school, he goes downstairs and puts his own shoes on, puts the waffles in the toaster for him and Julia, and curls up on the couch until the rest of us are ready. We got a text message from his teacher a few days ago saying he was the only student who got a prize for his good behavior. He shares anything with anyone and he has such a giving heart. Today he told me he was sad because the bad people killed Jesus, but that he’s happy because he got all better so he could save us. That heart of his is gold, I tell ya. Pure gold. I love him more than life itself. And that dino tie, c’mon. At this rate, he’s going to turn out just like his daddy, and I think he’s pretty perfect too.


All-in-all it was a perfect, awesome, fun day – just missing our big handsome red-headed puzzle piece. We got a few chores done around the house and we’re ready to celebrate tomorrow! Silly rabbit, Easter is for Jesus! 🙂

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