Easter 3.0

Easter is the holiday that keeps on giving this year, which is so, so fitting. Jesus literally gave everything on this holiday to give us the chance of salvation – never mind the fact that we are so, so, so very undeserving. I always have such mixed feelings about Easter. Christmas is so joyful. A baby is born. A baby destined to save us. Jesus’ birth is the biggest gift of all time. But the days leading up to Easter are full of heartbreak and pain that it’s always a little hard for me to celebrate in the midst of the significance of this day. But thinking about the eternal gift that comes out of Easter – boy can that bring on overwhelming joy. I wrote a few weeks ago about our Early Easter – so we could spend the menial, carefree part of the holiday (egg hunting!!!) as a family. Besides Mitchell’s egg hunt at school, this was the only egg hunt we did and I’m all about an early Easter bunny! It left Easter to be filled with time with the kiddos and church instead. Then, Easter Eve we spent the night at church. The kiddos had fun in their Sunday School classrooms and I felt so lucky to get to worship five times this weekend. And take pictures of our amazing worship leader in action (see above). And our brilliant pastor getting his preach on (see below). The sermon is online on Facebook (link here), and if you’re local – just come try a Sunday! I promise you won’t regret it. And if you are worried about sitting alone, we have an entire row of people that sit together and we’re always wanting more!


So, actual Easter Sunday we attended the first service and then got right back to photographing the next service. When you put photography and Jesus together, it’s got to be the most satisfying volunteer opportunity I’ve ever found! Easter Sunday was extra fun, because I got to spend some time in our amazing FirstKids environment with the preschoolers. I am extra appreciative of this ministry – I do have two preschoolers and one on the way there pretty soon, after all! Oh, and Mitchell rocked that dino tie again!


After church, it was donuts by request of the big kids, and who am I to say no to that?! The silver lining in missing daddy this Easter was that there was zero pressure to cook anything. (Let’s be honest, he does most of the cooking anyway). So, Krispy Kreme and frozen pizza it was.


And seeing that Easter Sunday was 70 degrees and completely sunny, it was only logical that we lathered up in sunscreen and drove the 15 minutes to the beach!


And this Easter weekend was the one that kept on giving, because I’m not working Monday! The big kids begged me to go to preschool (I think three days with Mommy and no little friends was enough for them, ha!), and Mitchell had to go to school anyway. So right now, it’s just me and baby Aubrey having a lazy Monday together, until we go pick up the big kids and head to soccer practice! It’s back to real life tomorrow. School and work. Fingers crossed for getting caught up on all the work things and no sick calls for kiddos!

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