Hello Spring

Those eighty degree days are starting to pop up, they took the cover off of the neighborhood pool, and we spent at least 10 hours on both Saturday and Monday outside – each day. Our baths at the end of the day lately haven’t been optional because we’re all covered in dirt and sunscreen and I am so happy about it. Today, we dropped Mitchell off at school and I took the girls to pick out flowers for our garden! It’s a fun little activity we do together every spring, and now that Julia is growing up, I want to make it our little thing! She’s the best little gal pal around. Sometimes it’s easy to get frustrated with her daily antics, but some one-on-one time with her is so sweet and I know she just wants some momma attention. So that was exactly what was on the calendar today.


We figured out a way to count down the days until daddy comes home (we don’t know exactly how many but I figure that’s enough empty boxes to keep us counting for awhile). The kiddos look forward to making our ‘X’ every night and now they have a better idea of how long until daddy comes home instead of just ‘a really long time.’ Boy, they’re some tough kiddos and I love them as hard as I can.


In other spring news, the kiddos had their preschool spring fling! Now that they’re in the same classroom at school (best classroom ever!!!), I got to celebrate with both of them together. Only bummer was that Mitchell’s bus from Pre-K was a little late so he missed the songs he worked so hard to learn (On Top of Spaghetti), but Julia sang that song out with all her friends and I about died at how cute she was. Mitchell made it back in time for the fun crafts and games, though!


So, we’re doing all things spring around here but running full speed to summer because we have a whole list of fun things to do together! And we’ll be one season closer to daddy!

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