Woah, April

You know those ‘Five on Friday’ posts bloggers do? Let’s just call this ‘Sixty on Saturday.’ We’ve been trotting along at what feels like sixty miles an hour and we’re saying a big fat GOODBYE to the first month of deployment. Woohoo! As nice as it sounds to slow down with the hubby gone and relax, we didn’t do that for a second. We’re cruising quickly through the spring, and I’m here with a few – er, a lot – of our spring activities! Please note all the summer dresses, shorts, and t-shirts. We are loving some warm weather lately!


Our playroom redecoration project continues! I started re-doing this room a few weeks before the hubby left, and I’m loving the result! Since this picture, I added pillows to the couches. I still want to get two more chairs for that table (since we have another almost-big-kid!), and work on a little decal project for the map. It’s a fun little project when I have time and I’m already soooo happy that this room feels bigger and brighter!


We spent a night out in the Croatan Forest celebrating a little friends’ birthday! These kiddos had a blast roasting marshmallows!


We spent a whole day outside doing yard work. It’s the mowing time of year again.


Another little project we tackled… laying patio bricks in the backyard! That corner on the right there was a giant mud hole where the dogs have been going to town over the winter. We extended those bricks over to the fence and it’s already much improved!


I ran a mud race with some of my co-workers! We’re talking mud up to your shoulders. It was the third time I’ve run it, and my second one on base here this year! I try to do all the base races if I get a chance!


Aubrey had her one year check-up (a month late, oh well). She’s 30 inches, 23.4 pounds, and healthy as can be! Two finger pricks and three shots later, she was still smiling when I dropped her off at daycare. I think it hurt me more than her!


We’ve been spending some evenings at the parks lately! We have so many parks we can walk to from our house so we like to change it up! All I can say is thank goodness for the time change and not getting home from work in the dark!


Target trips with my girls!

IMG_1494 4logoIMG_1497 9logo

Snuggles with my boy. His future wife is so, so lucky. He has the sweetest heart.

IMG_1574 7logo

Face timing with this guy every single chance we get.


Mitchell is rocking his soccer season! This is the first one he didn’t need extra encouragement to get out there and play! He’s got the best attitude and he’s playing so hard! I love seeing him learn new skills and celebrating all his accomplishments!


Grandma came to town for a few weeks! I can’t believe this is the only picture we really got of her, but it’s a pretty good representation of our time with her! Kiddos crawling all over her and holding her hand non-stop!


The girls got haircuts together! Julia’s hair was sooo long that it just seemed to be hanging there, and Aubrey’s hair on the top of her head was twice as long as the rest, so they were both due! Just in time for summer!

IMG_1500 9logoIMG_1503 8logo

Had to snap this one of Mitchell before we went into church one morning. I may be biased, but how handsome is he?! Have I mentioned his future wife is one lucky gal?


This military community comes with so many perks! This week, they had firetrucks and police cars roll in the neighborhood for the kids to climb all over! If you ask Mitchell what he wants to be when he grows up, he’ll tell you a firefighter, policeman, Marine, and diver. Ambitious boy.


We’ve been going to a lot of birthday parties lately! So fun! We walked to this one and it had a bounce house – doesn’t get much better than that!


More nights at the park after work/school!

IMG_1335 9logoIMG_1342 8logoIMG_1337logo

She was so clean and yummy smelling and happy after bath time one night, I just HAD to take pictures of her. And then I just couldn’t pick a favorite.


Julia is still loving her gymnastics classes! She has mastered that forward roll like nobody’s business. And grandma got her this adorable little leotard and I can’t stand just how cute she is. Don’t mind the fact that she hardly listens to her teachers.

IMG_1547 6logo

After gymnastics, we head over to Duck Donuts some nights for a special treat!


Pillow forts are all the rage around here!

IMG_1213 2logo

I try to avoid shopping at the grocery store (and opt for ordering!), but when I do, I get to do it with these crazy cuties!

IMG_1220 4logo

Aubrey is on the move and everyone is pitching in on making sure she doesn’t crawl down the stairs.

IMG_1249 3logo

SO CUTE y’all! This girl is the cutest little soccer sister. She just toddles all over those benches and claps her little hands along with all the grownups!

IMG_1297 5logo

Wendy’s is the food outing of choice (only sit-down place on base not in the PX food court) some nights. We fancy.

7E2A0F8E-5E6D-47ED-B2B3-E36F5C97A734 2logo

Saturday swim school is still a thing around here! Julia is loving being a part of it and I’m  content getting to cuddle Aubrey and watch these guy practice their skills! Mitchell has come leaps and bounds lately and I can’t wait to see him keep improving this summer!


Bike riding night in the culdesac after a workday.


More soccer practices.

IMG_1404 3logoIMG_1410 9logo

Our culdesac has the best puddle anytime it rains. And we always jump in it!


Mitchell’s school had a static display of all kinds of military vehicles and equipment. When we got there and Mitchell saw all the Marines, he asked if his daddy would be there. Oh, my heart. Poor guy is always missing his daddy and hearing him ask with such hope was heartbreaking! That homecoming is going to be so, so sweet. But we had a lot of fun together. Nothing like a school-sponsored even where the kiddos get to handle fully automatic weapons!


These kiddos are pretty cute on Sunday mornings!



IMG_1383 8logo

And last, but not least, we look forward all day to our ‘X!’ The kids are so into it and it makes me so happy!


So, there you have it. First month of deployment 4.0 in a nutshell. Bring on month two! We’re excited for a visit from my aunt and uncle – and some downtime!

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