Getting Out

Sometimes on deployment we find ourselves cooped up at home a lot. How fun is it really to do things like go out to dinner or shop or go to social events when the average age of your company is two? Don’t get me wrong – I love doing things with these kiddos, but I really love doing things with these kiddos and my husband. Things like soccer games can be a big fat reminder that you’re missing a big puzzle piece to our family. So, it was an extra special treat to have our friend Mary and her crazy crew of three come out and cheer on Mitchell at his Monday night soccer game – and then join us for a celebration at Steak and Shake afterwards!


Hey there hostess, don’t mind while we just interrupt your normal programming with two moms and six kids under the age of five. Ha! We’re embracing the crazy and refusing to stay cooped up in our houses. Because who says not having our husbands around should keep us down?


But seriously, this Marine Corps life surely comes with its lonely moments, and I’m so grateful for the three years of friendship with an amazing friend. Cheers to watching our families grow together through all the ups and downs of this military life!


And as I write this, knowing the kids had too many french fries and milkshakes, watching them jump all over the bed way past their bedtime, I got the sweetest words of encouragement from our neighbor who shares a wall with this nuthouse. “The sound of your kids’ pure joy right now is bringing the biggest smile to my face. I KNOW these moments are so difficult on your own but you’re an incredible mom, wife, daughter and child of Jesus. Thank you so much for just being you.” Y’all. For all the goodbyes we’ve had over the past few years, and especially lately, I love the amazing people the military is continually bringing in our lives. On that perfect way to end the night, I’m snuggling these big kids up and we’re calling a wrap on this pretty awesome Monday.

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