This Sunday

This Sunday was such a blessing. It came with an early Saturday bedtime, sleeping in, a bunch of talking to the hubby, a morning at church together, some photography, a walk in the woods, Cracker Barrel, lots of reading books about dinosaurs, a nap, pizza, minimal housework, blog catch-up, about four Land Before Times, remote control cars, a phone conversation with a great friend, and everyone snuggled in bed falling asleep to a documentary about killer whales. These kiddos begged for pancakes after church, and I figured why not. So the four of us sat in the middle of Cracker Barrel restaurant and they ate a collective nine pancakes, four eggs, three milk cartons, and one bowl of mac&cheese. Every last bite, including some off my plate. We chatted away about preschool and Aubrey sipped all her milk up through a straw and I just got to hear their little hearts for an hour. When we go out to dinner as a whole family, I think sometimes we forget to listen to them, and boy was it fun listening to them. And funny. They’re really funny. We opted to save all the laundry and grass cutting and dishes for my Monday off work and just relaxed together. As much as you can relax with three kids, I mean.


We’re falling in love with this girl a little bit more everyday. Her personality has erupted over the past few weeks. She’s talking like crazy (we have no idea what she’s saying), but whatever she’s saying, she really means it and it’s so funny! I spent the whole day with her yesterday, took her out shopping, and had the best time getting to know her little one year old self just a little bit better. Her little tantrums she’s started throwing are the funniest, but I’ll admit they sometimes make me wonder if we have a little Julia in the making, and that’s a little terrifying. The world can only handle one Julia. 😉


I am continually thankful for the blessing of photographing events at our church, and this Sunday was no exception. I am convinced this is the best serve opportunity ever created and I am so blessed and excited every time I get to do it! The worship at our church is second to none.


And Pastor Maurice brought the heat this weekend, let me tell ya. He had me so excited to be sitting in that seat in church – two services in a row!


We’re starting our week a little late, but it’s full speed to next weekend. Fun things at work, eighty degree days, and cuddles all around the Martin household. And this week my aunt and uncle are coming to town, which we are SO very excited about! We finished another ‘row’ of our deployment countdown and we’re well into month two! Praise God!

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