Free Nights

We have been loving our ‘free’ nights lately! I’m talking about the ones after a long day at work (or preschool for them!), and we don’t have any soccer or gymnastics to rush off to. The ones where I pick them up and ask them what they want to do. Sometimes the answer is ride their bikes around our cul-de-sac. Sometimes they pick a park in our neighborhood. Sometimes walk the trail around the pond by our house. Tonight, the answer was dig holes in the backyard. So, off I sent them as I watched them from the kitchen window while I washed dishes. About two bowls in, I decided washing dishes was for the birds – grabbed my camera and headed out to play! We dug the night away (outside of our fence over by the woods, of course). We called it quits when the sun was almost completely gone and headed in for some easy leftovers, baths, and bed. Talk about a relaxing night. The big kids were so excited to tell me all about what they’re learning about at school – the zoo! And I’m thinking their first trip to the zoo may be just what they need this summer!


Aubrey wasn’t feeling the pictures, but she was sure feeling the freedom of running around with the big kids in the cutest Cat in the Hat shirt EVER! (Thanks Target!). Yesterday was a FUN day full of fun at work and fun at home – so much so that I had to call my dad up and tell him all about it! (Darn that time change and not being able to catch the hubby before he fell asleep). Tomorrow and Friday are packed full of just as much work fun and home fun – and family in town this weekend! I think the only thing that would make it better is a homecoming – but we still have a long ways to go. So we’ll settle for all day texting and a video chat from our favorite guy. Happy almost-Friday!

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