This week, me and this little gal hopped on a (very last minute) flight to head out to Texas. It’d been years since we made it out to our family’s ranch, and I just loved being back and sharing this piece of our family with Aubrey. Aubrey always seems to have a little something special about her to this side of the family because her name is after her Great Grandpa Aubrey Mitchell Brim, so bringing her out to meet all her little cowgirl cousins was just fitting!


Out in the middle-of-nowhere Texas, my Uncle Bill, Aunt Susan, and cousin Amie have a ranch. Early this week, my Uncle Bill passed away. We booked a last minute flight to be there for the service, but y’all, it was the best time! It may sound a little strange saying this about a funeral, but it was much more of a party than it was a funeral and I can’t wait to share alllll the pictures (next post!).


It was just the best sharing a little bit of our family history with this gal and seeing her with her cowgirl cousins! It really reignited a desire to make it out to this beautiful land on the regular so they can grow up knowing each other! Not to mention, this is one of the most beautiful places in the world.


This blog post is coming at ya from the beaches of North Carolina. It was certainly a whirlwind trip, and when we got home (after a three hour drive to the Oklahoma City airport and two flights), we picked up the big kids from daycare with just a few minutes to spare, threw some clothes in a laundry basket in the back of the car, grabbed some groceries out of the fridge, and headed down to Topsail for a few nights on the beach together. Just what we needed… catching up on the few days I missed with the big kids and some relaxation. It’s not the view we had in Texas, but these North Carolina beaches are home now, and they are sure beautiful too.

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