Hubby Turns 29

A few days ago, we celebrated the hubby’s 29th birthday! The day started off a little rough. It was Julia’s fourth day in a row of preschool crying from wake-up to drop-off. She had a sassy attitude after school and my normally sweet boy wasn’t much better. I was working longer days to make up for being in Texas the week before. And on the morning of Steve’s birthday, Mitchell just couldn’t grasp why daddy couldn’t come to his birthday party. So, I wanted to make the day special for them, and being that it was 90 degrees and the first day we could make it to the pool, we kicked off the summer celebrating daddy together.


I had the swimsuits ready to go in the car, and we slipped them on in the back of car after preschool! We terrorized the shallow end (some of our neighbors came with us!). Afterward, we walked across the street to the park and sang happy birthday to daddy and devoured a birthday cake on some paper plates. We celebrated and made a fun day out of another day apart – even if it was a day we really wanted to be together.


After they were sufficiently covered in jelly and frosting and sunscreen and dirt, we wrapped up the night and headed back to the house. We almost walked home and forgot the car, whoops! These kiddos went straight to bed after a really long, fun day, and so did I. This night with these kids was so perfect and just what I needed to wrap up a hard week apart, but another week closer to being a whole family again.


These kiddos are a lot of work, but boy are they a million times more worth it. I love every one of them to my very core and I am so grateful for these little pieces of us in these redheads, especially when daddy is away. This family of mine is the most precious gift I have ever been given, and at Julia’s request, we’ll be celebrating daddy’s 29th birthday with another cake when he gets home. Don’t have to tell me twice!

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