Last Lifegroup and Goodbyes

I tell ya, base housing has given me THE BEST friends. That dates back circa 2011 in our first base housing neighborhood when I met by best friend Lindsay (love you!), and only continued in 2015 when we PCS’d from Florida back to our favorite base and met all of these girls! This military community is something else, I tell ya.


We call ourselves the ‘OG’s’, because we started meeting every week for bible study THREE YEARS AGO in my living room, and it’s still going strong! So many girls have moved away (and we’re so sad every time), but us three have always seemed to stay. But, now Miranda is leaving us for JAPAN, which is so cool and selfishly heartbreaking at the same time. Now we’re down to me and Mary and we’re accepting applications. (Totally kidding, literally anyone is welcome to join us!) This move is hitting me harder than most, because I have leaned on Miranda in SO many ways in the last three years and I don’t know what I’m going to do without her.


This group of amazing women has shared a lot of love, laughter, prayers, deployments, homecomings, baby dedications, heartbreak, and tears. We’ve welcomed SO many babies. Like I would count, but I couldn’t. (One of them was an adoption, which was SO cool for us to celebrate!) I love that all of these girls and their beautiful families. We ate Mexican and drank wine and laughed and reminisced the other night, and no one was surprised when I insisted on some pictures at the end of the night. These pictures just make me think of all the pictures of my grandparents raising their family in base housing, and how so many things have changed over generations of military families, but some of them are exactly the same.


So, you can find me with this girl missing Miranda, outnumbered by our collective six kids under six. It’s been so fun to grow our families and love and support each other through this crazy life. She’s help me grow as a mother, a person, and most importantly in my faith and I love her for it!


Had to get one with my littlest love!


We’re wrapping up PCS season and it feels a little bit like a chapter is ending. Ashley, Ali, Meredith, Beatriz, Toni, Stephanie, Natasha, Sarah, Courtney – and so many more – we’re missing y’all too. This has been the hardest year full of PCS goodbyes. We have friends in the most beautiful places – South Carolina, Florida, California, Japan, Hawaii, D.C. Maybe you’ll find us all together in four years again, who knows. For now, I’m going to try to convince the hubby to let me take a mom vacation to Japan. Wish me luck! 😀

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