Weekend Away

After Aubrey and I flew back from our whirlwind trip to Texas, I found myself craving some quality time with these kiddos. Because two and a half days of being a mommy of one was too long. I missed my big kids! So, we hopped off the plane, scooped the big kids up from preschool, and headed down to Topsail Island for a couple nights on the beach.


And I mean we headed straight down there, I literally tossed clothes out of the clean clothes pile in a laundry basket, grabbed a pack and play, grabbed some odds and ends out of the fridge (that my mother-in-law left full for me – best way to come home from a trip!), and we were off. First thing was in order. Unpack the kids. Unpack the stuff. Eat the popsicles.


Then Chic-Fil-A, lunchables, and Finding Nemo. After we cleaned up dinner, we laid blankets out on that floor for a living room slumber party. I claimed my spot on that comfy couch and we fell asleep listening to the waves crash through the screen door. Our little slice of heaven.


On Saturday, we hit the beach for a long, hot, fun afternoon. The shallow, warm tide pools were out, which is perfect taking little kids to the beach weather! All three kiddos splashed and played to their sweet little hearts’ content.


Back to the house we went to get ready for their little friend Addie’s birthday party! It was even luckier that she lives close to the beach, so we were right around the corner! I hopped in the shower after getting them ready, and came out to find them like this. They were pooped, but no time for naps, yet!


I felt a little silly when I forgot it was a water birthday, because we literally showered and got out of our swimsuits to go. So we just got our clothes soaked, because no one is going to skip out on a slip and slide.


Needless to say, we were worn out and in need of another cozy night on the beach. Sunday morning, we were up and at it. We couldn’t hide down at the beach forever – we had to hit the early church service before we picked up the pups from the kennel!


There are so many things about this weekend that made it the best. Who knows if we’ll get another chance to spend a whole weekend down there will happen again this summer. So, we’re grateful for this little chunk of time together and so darn excited that we might just have the hubby home to go with us next time!

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