Father’s Day From Afar

We’re wishing the best Daddy in the world the biggest Happy Father’s Day on the other side of the world. Days like these just aren’t the same during deployment, but we don’t want him to feel any less loved because he truly, truly deserves it. I’ll say it 1,000 times, but he is by far the most patient person I have ever met. Ever. Even on the other side of the world, he talks me off the parenting three kids in three years ledge. The other day when I was at my wit’s end with Julia, he gave me the best pep talk about playing the long game, because we’re not going to win over her heart with a single timeout and talking to. He’s so wise and he knows me so well that he knows just what I need to hear.


We want to spoil him rotten but instead you can find us calling him an obnoxious number of times on Facetime. But, we do get to spend Father’s Day with my dad, which is so exciting. We never get to do that, so hurray for that!


He’s kind and thoughtful and humble and strong and everything that I could ever ask for in a husband or daddy of all these babies. Oh, and the red hair is the best bonus! We’re all counting down the days, and our next hug just can’t come soon enough.

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